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Since I'm not riding this weekend, I guess I have some extra time to burn so I hope this was worth the time to post.

I've heard a lot of posts about the APV cables slipping of the servo pulley. I thought I would pass this idea on. I did this to my F7 last November, long before the snow flew and I've never had any servo cable problems.

I put a washer behind the servo pulley. This eliminates the APV cable ends from slipping out of the servo pulley. The washer is made of the same material as our suspension limiter straps. Just be sure the washer is not to thick to restrict the servo pulley movement. I cut the washer from some old belting.

In the servo cover, I cut out two inspection windows with a dremel tool and siliconed in two pieces of clear plastic. When I'm warming up my sled on the jack stand, I can pop the throttle to visibly see the servo opening and closing properly.

Be sure to adjust servo cable length, mine were way off from the factory.


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