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I've got this friend with a rev, he is always posting about how the firecats are soooo tippy. We are at camp waiting for them... he fly's by the drive.. beeps it in reverse and comes barreling along in reverse, whips the bars to swing it around and whap.... flops it right over.... hmmm I've yet to flop my so called tippy sled.

Next morning its cold....both Cat's fire up on 2-3 pulls. Good thing they had the electric start on the rev's cause they didn't want to fire up at all. Kept backfiring and stalling. After we got riding and warmed up they started fine, but seemed really cold blooded first thing.

They rode nice, but I think why so many people like them is because you can ride lazy on them. You can be a lousy rider and still ride the thing well, it takes minimal effort to steer, and virtuallly no darting.

They may be great in the rough stuff, but hell I could be halfway through before the rev starts in the morning :eek: :D :p
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