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Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 11:15:38 -0500 (GMT+5)
From: "ENGR.KENTAS ANDERSON" <[email protected]> Add to Address Book

REPLY TO:[email protected]

Listen and listen good!!

Keep this mail and information very confidential.

I am the new Information and Database analyst of the Treasury/Payment
Investigation Department of the Central Bank of Nigeria.
The earlier you pay candid attention to this particular email,the
better for you.I noticed this just lat week when I was going through
several out-going payment files on my desk.

I'm contacting you to stop you from any further contact with
ANYBODY.When I say ANYBODY,I mean ANYBODY whosoever except me .Both the
people that have contacted you so far are not protecting your
interest.They are only planning to use your good name to claim your
fund and that is why there are urging you to communicate with them to
help you transfer your funds to your account in your country.

I have decided to contact you through this medium because CBN as the
apex bank of Federal Republic of Nigeria have intercepted your fund as
a result of fraudulent activities noticed among those that claims to be
helping you.I'm pushed to help you because from what is going on with
you,you will end up making a very big mistake in your life if I fail to
bring this important message concerning the position of your fund to
you.Pay goos heed to it to avoid making a mistake.I'm out to help you.

I therefore contacted you on trust and with complete confidence that
you should as a matter of ulmost importance, STOP any further contact
with anybody,person or group including your so-called representing
attorney because apart from me,no other person can help you get the
fund transfered to your account in your country.

I want you to contact me upon reciept of this mail on 234 803 7405020
so that I would guide you on how to get your fund directly transfered
to your own norminated account at ease.
I will personally get any complications corrected at my own expense as
soon as possible so that legal transfer of the fund to your account
would commence.
I can assure you that after the corrections,within 72 hours the fund
must be in your designated account.
I will oblige you with further information and would be glad you send
your private telephone /facsimile number for easy and confidential

1.After using my good office/position to accomplish the needful on your
behalf,you shall give me 20% only of the total fund after transfer to
your account.
2.Due to my position in government,I will prefer that you keep my
involvement 100% secret and confidential even after the transfer is
A stitch in time they say saves nine.This is the only reliable channel
for you otherwise all other efforts MUST be in vain.

Engr.Kentas Anderson


they just wont quit :frech11: :frech11: :frech11:

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:smilielol: That is the most rediculous scam I have ever seen! :smilielol: If anyone falls for that they deserve what they get :smilielol:

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Its pretty amazing but I get two or three pitches similar to that every week, and it makes you wonder how many takers they are successful in reeling in. Someone must fall for these scams or we all wouldn't be getting so many scam e-mails.
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