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The 03` f7 snowpro

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Im considering handing down my old faithful 1985 EL TIGRE 6000 , and purchasing a new sled. I have plenty of experiance working on snowmobiles but would rather not buy a new project sled for over $8500.00 . I would have no problem waiting another year but would love to have the 03` F7 now. I see on this board there has been some common problem area`s with the firecats including but not limited to, faulty welding , overheating , broken parking break levers , wire harness chaffing , etc . Has any of these things been sorted out for the 03` model ?
Also is the Snopro package worth the extra money ? How about the injection.
I only ride about 500 miles a year so I wont get much from my warentee. My riding style is very aggressive including large jumps(they seem large on the el tigre anyway) , drag racing on loose or packed snow , and most importantly fast tight (on the edge of crashing) trail riding. I look foward to hearing good news .

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I would suggest you keep your top of the line latest in technology '85 Cat and live with it cuz you'll never have to turn a wrench on that sled. So save your money and the rest of us will just suffer with the pain of having a sled with all of the so called problems, and best of all you will have saved 8,500! Then when you do get on the trail with your '85 Cat you can clean our clocks with your aggresive jumping, drag racing, ohh and most of all your fast tight trail riding! See ya on the trail dude!!! :blink:
Come on ridna7 thats no way to treat a newbie. I think what he means to say that you think your a rank snowmobiler on your 85 cat...........if you were to upgrade to an F7 you would soon find your driving skills lacking and the sled beyond you capabilities for the first while.........thats how fast and incredible the handling is compared to you existing unit. As for the small problems with the F7 its all been looked after and nothing to worry about. If you have the money spend it...........because you cant take it with you.
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