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Thank You Big Moose YAM/AC

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I would just like to thank my dealership for doing a GREAT job in setting up my F7 red standard. They were on top of the burping problem and re-checked the sled before I took it from them. They said to be aware of the coolant problem but Phil felt that it would be OK.

I ride in OLd Forge and was up there early on thursday last week the trails were excellent that night. I found myself in the begining coming into the turns a little fast and having to hit the brake a little (the breaks fell great). This sled takes a little getting used to, the front end lift kinda reminded me of my ski doo 670. I flew past my buddies yamaha viper like he was standing still. Once my buddie rode mine I could not get him off of it. The machine loves to jump I had a ball jumping it all over the place.

I think the first move I make is getting new cabides Im thinkin 8 inch woody's Has anyone tried them yet and how do you like them??????? I also asked my dealer to order me the heavier suspension springs I weigh in at 260lbs and although I didn't bottom out I just feel like I could use it.

Things I really liked : the seat, the way it starts (2 pulls), clutched nicely head lights nice and bright, handlebars, brake and I put the mirrors on with the higher windshield. I got tired of turning around to see how far the all have droped behind me.

Things I really hated: the trunk....come on I cant even get a bottle of water in there and the front end lift which I know can be tweaked.

So after a 160 miles I have to say it was worth the wait :D

ONE LAST COMMENT: the guy who rents next door to me had a F5 blow its engine after 60 miles but he did not get it from my dealership.

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