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Many of you have followed our progress or have talked with us about Team Maine Entering Cain's Quest. If you haven't follow the link below to our web site, teammainecainsquest.com

Here is where were at:

We had a major sponsor that has now backed out, unfortunately due to the lack of snow thus lack of business revenue.

We had a team Meeting and even thou we are behind the eightball due to this we have still commited ourselves to race. The Entry forms got faxed in this morning. What we are looking for at this point is additional sponsorship dollars. Any business that sponsors us will have their name/logo/link on our website, logo/name on on a 28 ft 6 place tri axel Thule Trailer, Depending on the amount of sponsorship we will try to get the logo on the sleds, local coverage on Mainley Motorsports/ coverage on SuperTrax TV on the VS network(formaly OLN) and local press releases and articles. We are looking for sponsors starting at $100. For any business this will be a tax deductable marketing expense.

We also have no issues with individuals that may want to throw some Money into the pot regardless of the amount. I will have paypal link up on our website shortly that can be used for this purpose. For example if a group of people want to join together to have the funds all go under one name or one organization.

We are also raising funds and awareness for the Pine Tree Camp in Rome, Maine in this process.

Feel free to contact me in regards to this.


It was suggested to me by another member to ask any HCS'ers that if they wanted to support us we would put HCS on our trailer, sleds and we already have links to it from our website. We will list any member that supports us on our website. Below is a paypal Link and feel free to sponsor us for any amount that is comfortable. 100 members giving $10 each gives us $100 100 members giving us $20 each gives us $2000. We will make HCS Proud!! Remember Only do so if you want to support our cause, don't feel you have to!

Team Maine Pay Pal Link

Thanks for listening and we appreciate the support

Rich Knipping aka MaineCorrado
Rob Gardner aka Early Rider
Dana Blackstone aka dblacks
[email protected]
207 841 6773

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What is Cain's Quest

Cain's Quest will take participants on an incredible journey through the Labrador Wilderness. This Snowmobile Race will entail an approximate 1200 miles trek on ungroomed trails where teams of two riders and their snowmachines race to the finish. Riders will travel rough terrain, brave sub-zero temperatures and test man and machine against the elements for a chance at the prize purse and of course bragging rights.

After less then 2 weeks of work on this project, we are very deep in the planning of this and look forward to competing in the event as well as raising funds and awareness for the Pine Tree Camp, an extraordinary summer camp for children and adults with physical and/or developmental disabilities.

At this point, Our Team consists of Rob Gardner and Rich Knipping as the racers and Dana Blackstone as Team Manager. We are currently working on major sponsors for the race team as well as searching for donations from individuals, clubs and organizations to go to the Pine Tree Camp in Central Maine. We are also searching for the right individuals to add to our support team.

You will see information about this on at least one local TV show in Maine called Mainely Motorsports as well as in local news papers as well as the Maine Snowmobile Association Newspaper. The Cain's Quest race will be televised on Snowtrax TV to be aired on TSN and the OLN networks

Cain's Quest is a 1200 mile snowmobile race thru the back country of Labrador
• No groomed trails, No plowed roads, no rail beds
• 2 racers & 4 man support team to make sure all supplies needed get to the checkpoints for the racers
• 10 to 14 days gone from home
• 20 hour truck drive each way to and from Labrador City
• 300 miles of dirt road to get to Labrador City
• 2 trucks and trailers for sleds, gear and extra parts
• And much more to make this all come together

Below are links to our web site which will continually be updated site as well as the race website.

We hope you enjoy our site and let us know your thoughts.

Dana Blackstone
Team Maine
Cain's Quest 2007
[email protected]

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Cain's Quest on SnowTrax TV - January 20th, 2007
November 30th, 2006
Cain's Quest goes national with all the action in the new year!!!

SnowTrax TV will be airing the 2006 Cain's Quest Snowmobile Endurance Race in two feature segments on January 20th and 27th, 2007 on TSN and Versus (formerly OLN)

Please check local listings in case of change to schedule.

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Dblack, we will be sending in a donation from HPF

Good luck in the fund raising


Please send those regular mail or one of us will pick them up from you.

Thanks for the help Howard it is greatly appreciated!!!

Hey we can pick you up on your way back from the gaspe and take you with us to Labrador.........

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Preselling the ones we are hoping to buy.
If we can sell them as soon as we get back then all we need to raise funds for is differance between cost and sell price.
Just trying anything i can
I E-Mailed EVERY sponsor on Doo-Talk yesterday
E-Mailed a Copy of the site and these posts to EVERY ONE in my E-Mail address book and asked every one to forward it to there freinds.
Not much reponse yet.
Any one have a contact for Sobee?
Where is HuntFishSled? He should have some pull at o'conners or GM
Anyone have any pull at Hights Chevy there into sleds??
Any one have a contact at Grip-N-Rip we all have them there a Maine company
How about TEK-Vest?

What about a supper raffle
100 tickets
$100 each
10 winners
1- $2000
1- $1000
8- $100
odds 1-10 not bad
Gross $10,000
Cost $ 3,800
Net $ 6200
As a nonprofit corp we can do this legally

Any dealer have units willing to sell WAY UNDER cost fo sponsor??


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Read the story and then saw the trailer. Anyone who rides a motorcycle and a snowmobile deserves my support.

Good Luck and enjoy the ride.
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