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ive heard many different things about the 99 tcat not reciving enough air in the intake and ive heard alot about people drilling holes into the air box and i figure that 3 seperate filters would have that sled sucking air no problem but ive also heard that then youve probably gotta rejett and that rejetting it is a major pain. anyone else thought about doing this or seen it done heard it done or hell anything.

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I run the DD cover on my 99. Works great on the trail..
On my stock 99 I changed the stock q8 for q4 needle jets
and the pilots to 50 from 35 opened the air screws to 2.25
turns. Run stock jet needles at middle position. Run 360 mains
at 20 deg. This is very lean but I run EGT on PTO cylinder to
keep it under 1250 at light throttle. At WOT the temp falls then slowly
raises on a long pull. You have to watch as it will get very lean
running along at 85-100 loffing along on a lake or railgrade.
Filed small flat on second steep of jet neddle to cure lean spot...
Its very good on fuel and runs great. Has reeds, key, bearcat secondary
25-38 gears. I dont trail ride it anymore just lake run it. Keep it to
end the B/S about whats faster.. Ride ZR900s on the trail. Dirt drag
alittle also. Run 23-40 on the dirt. Stock nothing is close............
Keeping the pipes hot is the secret to running and why I keep it lean
and hot...Straight lake I run the DD pipes and let it rev to 9100-9300
on long pulls. Tach is off 400. With 22-33 it goes 125+ all day long
and scares the living shit out of me...Since I flipped it I havent been
able to run the 22-33 so I stay on the 25-38...Theres nothing with the
top end power of a big tripple but the MACH Z IS CLOSE...
The turbo YAMMS on C12 run but not the gas ones and not long....
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