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synthetic apv not avail.

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Noticed a couple times in some areas the arctic valve synthtic is not available due to command or cost to stock reasons. What other synthetics can we run or use for how long to be safe before refilling with correct product? :( :( :angry:

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Don't fret over it. Pour in any available quaility syn oil that is available out when you are sledding at gas stops. As long as you use a good syn it should met all OEM specs and should blend well with whatever is in the tank...


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i dont think even running one quart of regular oil would be a problem. aslong as you mix it with the otherstuff thats in the tank and top it off with synthetic when u get a chance. just dont run straight reg oil in it all the time.
The first thing i did when i got my f7 was started dumping in klotz when ever i needed oil . Its all compatible .
Thanx guys that is what i thought just wanted to make sure anyone doing up this weekend.
I wouldnt advise running regular oil after synthetic could be bad.
Most of the guys I know use Torco SSO in their power-valved motors. The SSO is 100% synthetic and seems to work well in all valved motors (pol, doo, cat). That's my two cents.
regular oil will gum up the power valves
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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