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2002 ZR 600 CC, but all sleds are similar. I like to ride aggressively, but I am finding that I get tossed about on the trail. I was told that by removing the sway bar (or disconnecting it) it doesn't allow the front suspension to couple, so the front ski's will react independent of one another. For riding moguls this will allow the sled to ride smoother and land better, similar to a 440 sno pro. Does anyone have input on this?
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You may/will need to go to stronger ski springs if you disable the swaybar.
Similar to the coupling in the rear, one spring assists the other when a swaybar connects them.
Not having a sway bar installed is do-able on the trails, especially when they are not hard packed and fluffy in the turns. However if you are riding on hardpacked trails and wish to zip around a fast bend be aware that the machine will be tippy compared to having a sway bar installed. ;)
I took my sway bar off my 98 5oo and loved it, i get the whole coupling thing and still did it. It made a big difference in the rough, I did have to make up the difference in "sway" by dialing in a bit more spring pressure.

thats funny kirk hibert said at the race school the reason they put a sway bar back on the snopro was for better control in the snow cross conditions
Take the swaybar out when going out west. Go in the powder, but the choppy bumps on the trail will bounce you into the trees.
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