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Any tips?

I have an '83 440 Cutlass motor with 900 miles on it, always ran great. I want to put it into a mid-90's Indy lite. The indy has a great body and only 1300 miles, then the motor blew (no oil?). The 340 had dual carbs, the 440 had a single.

I want to retain the dual carbs, do they have to be rejetted? What jet?

Is the 340 clutch OK to use? The 440 was in a direct drive Cutlass, so I am unsure if the clutch from the 440 will work.

What else do I need to know? Are the motor mounts the same? If not, how do I line up and measure to drill the holes in the aluminum plate that the 340 sat on.

Which belt should I use and how should I measure between the clutches?

Any tips would be appreciated as I have never done a snowcat motor swap before.

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