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I recently purchased a F7-team arctic cat. My sled seems to run fine. I bought it from Metropowersports. The sled seems good except for that they didn't have my suspension set right. You know where you set the cam position. My wasn't properly positioned. The spring wasn't even on the plastic block. I couldn't even put it back with a pry bar. I had to put the spring(the part with the long shaft in the plastic mount first) before i could put my sled to it's proper setting.What a pain in the ass.Totally different from my 99 zr 500 suspension(the spring moves too much) I haven't had any coolant problems. I did the preventive steps that Arctic Cat recomended. No problems so far.I have only 10 miles on it. No snow. Going up to Curtis,Mi during Christmas. Hopefully some snow. Did anybody have this problem too!