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Now that alot of people have had some ride time, how about we start listing our suspension settings in order to get a good baseline for everyone.

Front shocks: 2 1/2" of thread showing

Front Track shock: 1 1/2" of thread showing

Torsion springs: #3 position (heaviest setting)

Coupler Blocks: #1 setting (maximum weight transfer)

Limiter strap: Stock F-7 Standard

Carbides: Stock 4"

Studs: None

With this setup from the dealer, I found it to have alittle to much weight transfer. Ski's were off the ground when throttle was mashed. I was in a feild with 5" of powder, so front end push was definetly caused by snow condition. I'm going to add 8" shaper bars in front. Add 144 studs in the middle. Lower front shocks alittle at a time. Increase front track shock a 1/4 to 1/2". Move coupler blocks to #2 position.
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Craig I think that the problem with this is that there are so many people with different preferences. What works for you may not work for me. Alot of things come into play when doing suspension settings, riding style, rider size, type of riding, etc.

Maybe a baseline would be good, but personally, I will go with my own settings based on my preferences.

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I hear you as far as different riding styles and weight. But I do think it would be good if everyone put in their settings, that way someone could have a pretty good idea of where to start for one particular riding style. IE:Drag racing, ditch banging, groomed trails, racing, etc...

The limiter straps are listed as what was stock on my F7 standard.
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