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suspension set up

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i am having a tough time cornering, we were racing around about a 1/4 mile field (0val) and I couldn't get my sled to turn, the conditions were a very hard base and packed conditions. The other guys i was riding with are heavier i'm about 165 pounds, i believe they weren't getting as much bite as me with the front end . It feels as though i have too much ski pressure as i tried everything to get through the corners faster but to no avail, i was getting inside ski left to the point i had to let off and the sled was fighting me the whole way. by the way i know it is not a cat but its an 03 600 pro-x with suspension totally stock. I was hoping to find a knowledgable answer.
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please dont tell me to buy a cat, because i was seriously considering it. I happend to be a die-hard polaris fan and my girl works at a dealership that my friends own. So it is very hard to switch to a different brand,without getting in a bit of trouble.

set your coupler blocks try setting 2 first then setting 3. 3 will give you the most steering and 1 the least but a on 1 you will have less ski preasure.
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