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do we need 110 or 153. any one have info, which is better.
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There are different points of view on this. My only experience with studding is to make sure you don't under-stud the track; if you do, you may throw studs and bend them, as well. You're talking big money to replace and re-stud. With 96 studs, I threw two studs on my last 2000 ZR440 (96 hp motor) and bent about 15 the first week out. I immediately went to 144 and never had a problem again. I put 156 on my F7 without a second thought. Happy I did.
I put 102 in my standard f7....after only 65 miles i had a few bent studs and added 50 more. I haven't put any more miles on since adding the studs
Im running 102 1.45 woody mega bite over 600 miles and it works great .
What kind of pattern are you guys using. You can not stud the outside belt correct????
144 with the Woodys double backer patern
According to WSA, if your racing your sled, 96 studs max, no more then 3/8 taller then the track lug, center of the stud has to be "behind" track lug and no further then 1 1/4" from the center of the lug in front of stud. No part of the stud including the backer will be placed closer then 3 1/2 inches from the outer edge for the track. I fyour not racing go for it buy a good template and follor the instructions for the amount of studs your putting in. The firecat template I have not seen maybe some one knows where you can get one.
In my opinion the condition and loss of studs is greatly attributed to how the user treats them. I've seen ppl with studs nail the throttle while going across roads, train tracks, ect and I just cringe :blink: I've never had any problems with throwing or breaking studs....if ya take care of em.
i've seen that a thousand times also, some jack-off in the gas station parking lot wide open tearing up the concrete and destroying his studs at the same time,
total stupidity!!
Just studded the F7 SnoPro today. First time studding, pretty easy, just teadious.
Went with 144 Megabites, Woody's Double Digger Pattern.
We only have a couple inches of snow, but I ran the ditch out front to check them out, man was my track slipping before. She really hooks up nice now.
Can't wait for enough snow to hit the trails.

I have 102 studs in my track. I have had no problem, and it gives me plenty of traction for trail riding, and ice racing.
I've got 170 and only have a few bent ones. reason being...wasnt much snow...rocks
153 none bent none broke no prob...the more you have the less stress on single studs making it not only stronger but safer!
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