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anyone have experience with the STM "tuner seconadary" for the DD?
I like the benefits of using the old style helix and springs.
i put the tuner secondary (11") on my crossfire. had to do a couple case mods, very happy with the results, pulls like crazy. not sure how it would fit in the F chassis.

over on the crossfire/m series forum there are quite a few threads about how to turn the stock 10" sec into a 10.4" sec with helix and spring setups (new style).

it is nice to be able to use the old style helix's and springs, they are everywhere and less expensive than the new style.

the directions that came with mine were not good, particularly as relates to offset. queried mark at STM several times about this but never got a satisfactory answer. there is another technique that others employ to determine offset by letting sec float and run machine on a stand to see where sec naturally wants to rest (posts about this on the c/m forum).

all in all, probably would have gone the route of using the stock sec with some mods as there is a wealth of info on this board on how to do that with machining, helix's, springs, etc.

in essence this allows you to run a longer belt which helps with clutch heat...also starts you in a lower gear, hence pulls like a mothaF......er.

i would add that when i pulled the clutch out of the box my initial reaction was wow. very nice piece of machine work.
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