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Went out grooming (trying) and had a mix bag of conditions and then some trouble. Some trails groomed up really nice while others were light on snow and the worst was water. Seems the rain we got last week just ran into the waterways and stayed there here is the problem. Had the groomer break through one water way that pulled me in and I was stuck big time. Took a 4 wheel drive Case IH and a lot of good help to get it out, but we did without any damage.

To the many of those who rode by and stopped and asked it I needed help THANKS. To the few that rode by and just looked please replay to this and ask why the trails are not groomed.

The groomer was parked after we got it out because we heard of other areas the were just as bad through the county and didn't want to get it stuck again.

Thanks again for all that stopped and offered the help
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