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Steering Adj. Block Cap Update Kit

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Kit includes:
0705-881 2 steering adjusting block cap

1653-205 1 Instructions

1. Remove the cap screws securing the lower steering adjusting blockcaps. Discard the block caps and retain the cap screws.

2. Install new Steering Adjusting block caps with existing cap screws. Tighten to (25 ft-lb.).

Note: See Service Bulletin 2003-1-25 for warrenty related information.

This is a thicker block on the bottom of the hadle bar extension, it was a simple fix.
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If I'm not mistaken, I think the Firecats that had aluminum/silver steering adjusting block caps were the ones that needed replacement.....

Would people who's sled fall into the VIN range of the bulletin please respond to confirm this? Thanks.
correct, mine had the silver and I replaced them with black.
So the new ones are black not silver?

I haven't had a problem or had my slip yet
Originally posted by ryan001@Dec 28 2002, 11:58 PM
So the new ones are black not silver?

I haven't had a problem or had my slip yet
That is correct. The sleds that had 'black' colored ones on them from the factory seem to be ok, and as VFRcanada stated, the replacement ones are black in color.
phew....this is the only fix my dealer doesn't have in and I just realized (I did the Isovibe last weekend on my sled and love it) that I had the black ones from teh get go.
does this apply to all f7's? maby i'm missing it but i don't see any vin#'s like other service advisories.
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