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I was disappointed to have missed the Easter weekend to ride but it is sometimes like that... but now that everyone thought sledding was over in my area mother nature sends us another surprise, a good one this time: One foot+ snow drop all over the north of my area on wednesday 4 April

Several clubs had already announced or planned their closure. Riding up to April was already good in my area and I must admit that earth started to come out in some spots even in the north. I would like to Thanks all the snowmobile clubs peoples who rolled back up their sleeves and took their groomers out again for this last weekend in the north of my area, especially the Snowmobile Club of St-Michel des Saints, the Club du Royaume (Cabanon), the club Mattawin (Marineau toward Mauricie), the club of Notre-Dame de la Merci and all others that I could have forgotten.

Having that large amount of new snow with mild temperatures, we did not expect perfect trails. It was not groomed everywhere and where it was the snow was very soft and*the conditions have changed*all the day but we had played in the snow under extraordinary weather conditions and scenery and got a real treat.

Here is the approximate trail path we rode Saturday, April 7 2018 totaling 236 miles

Here starting from La Glacière in St-Zenon at 9:00 am Saturday morning under a cloudy sky with -4C with our friend Steph

We took the #350 and then joined the #23 north which were both freshly groomed

We had an overnight new snow bonus of a few inches like the ice on an already generous cake

We passed by the Cabanon where we made a fuelup before continuing toward the #345

The #23 had been groomed after the storm but contrary to what we had read on Facebook, beyond the #345 north had not been but several sleds had passed.

The problem in those conditions is that the trail get narrow on some spots because everybody tend to pass in the same line which can get scary to cross other sled especially on a wooded twisty trail so we chose to go toward the Taureau dam. This segment of trail had been even less used but was taking us sooner on the #360 which is wider with better visibility. Two-up on a touring machine in a canal like that is not easy, especially for the stress level of my best half on the back but we had not long to do it

And soon we were at the Taureau dam that we crossed to join the #360 trail on the other side

Again only one track wide*but no sled had passed since the last overnight 3-4 inches of new snow so it was a lot easier because I was not tracking in the skis tracks of the others before. I am not sure that the stress level of my darling had decreased much but on my side I had a real blast!!! The venture tossed alot snow in this spot and I admit that I probably have a few more miles on the dreammeter vs the gps because of that segment!

The scenery that was already very snowy became even more

Here at the #360/#345north junction (toward*pourvoirie du Repos).

For ourself we continued on the#360 northeasterly to go eat at Marineau in Rivière Mattawin. The snow that was intermittent since we started became more and more present

The #360 trail had not been groomed on the first miles...

But the Mattawin snowmobile club had begin to groomed just few miles ahead and this, up to our destination for lunch at Mattawin

Intermittently the snow intensified making this absolutely beautiful scenery even more incredible ...

I don't think the trees could have been more loaded than that, the pictures speak for themselves

It was simply magic...

While we were already stunned at this scenery, the snow got heavier

We were there for an april spring ride!!!

It decreased afterwards

But the sky was still very dark as we crossed the photo spot on the shore of the beautiful Mattawin River

Here seen from the bridge, the St-Maurice river with the Auberge Marineau seen through the trees in the distance

We arrived on-time for lunching at around 12:10. We are always well received at Marineau, good food and services. A real sledders place for sledders. While we were having lunch, the snow started again!

After a good meal break, we gave a good drink to the venture on the other side of the street before continuing

We were still in for some surprises in terms of weather, the sun that we did not expect had come out!

And it's under a sun and cloud mix that we retraced our steps on the #360

An already beautiful and pleasant trail to ride but with those conditions it was really at the top

The same scenery with the sun instead of the snow was so different but just as beautiful, we are really blessed to had had both in the same ride. Obviously the pics are a lot better when it's sunny ...

We stopped at the halte 440 for some pictures ...

And then continued ...Here not far from the Taureau dam. The morning single track was beginning to widen a little

Our buddy Steph was a little reluctant to our ride extension plans (maybe he begin to know us well!) but since it was still early we finally convinced him to stretch out the ride by riding around the reservoir and passing through St-Michel des Saints. The first section up to #33 trail had not been groomed either but was riding very well. Here during a short break on the reservoir shore

Then once on the #33, the trail had been groomed by St-Michel snowmobile club, nice and fast

Here on the reservoir beach

With this beautiful sun giving us maximum visibility we chose to cut on the Taureau reservoir between the Auberge du Lac Taureau and St-Michel des Saints.

We took the opportunity to do one last fuelup at the the village before continuing on the #63 trail toward the Cabanon. The big hills near the village were very thin but otherwise the snowmobile club of St-Michel had did a very good grooming job because it was very nice and fast.

We then resumed on our morning path to La Glacière. We finally got back at the trailer around 6:00PM with 236 miles on the dreammeter.

For the next, I do not expect a lot of extra grooming but depending on how the weather turn up it can be surprising. You can follow the details on the trail conditions website here:https://www.snowmobilecountry.ca/en/conditions/

Each ride is an unique small adventure and this one has been an incredible good one! Big chances are it was our last one (unless somebody twist my arm!) but I could not dream of a better way to end the season in my area

Have a good off-sledding**season !!!


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Another great report with the beautiful pictures. It's been a while since we can snowmobile in April and with so much snow. Today is the 9th of April and till this year it's the latest date I myself have ever gone for a snowmobile ride. This year I will break my record as we are still grooming and have great trails here in the upper Pontiac. So we are planing a last ride ( maybe ? ) the end of this week. Have a great offseason Allain and thanks for posting. Ralph

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What else can be said but beautiful pics...they reminded me of a few late march rides heading to La Tuque that way for lunch. Thanks for sharing.
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