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SSI Mufflers Summer Special -HCS sale-

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Drop some weight and gain some power with our Lite Mufflers!

Order one of our LITE Mufflers now through August 1st and get $50 off!
HCS0715 is the code to use if you call or if you order online. If you order online just add the code in the notes section and you will get the discount.

This code also works on our Full Force Stainless mufflers.

Product Auto part Automotive exhaust Air intake part Muffler

Auto part Automotive exhaust Muffler

Auto part Automotive exhaust Muffler Exhaust system Pipe

Footwear Shoe Glass Room Display case

(keep in mind the discount is applied manually when we process the order and you won't see it when you do the order, but it will be on your receipt)