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Well I just went out to the garage and measured mine.

I have the stock springs as well as the next heavier ones from Polaris.

They are square so it's no an actual diameter.

The stock springs are just shy of 3/8in or 9mm.
The heavysprings are just over 3/8in or 10mm.

There is nearly no difference to the eye.

The heavier springs are quite stouter though when mounted on the sled.

I am 200lb suited up.
I found the stock springs set on high allowed too much initial sag and bottomed on light jumps and heavy hits as well as rode too low.
I put the next heavier springs from Polaris as above and they solved the initial sag problem and resisted bottoming much better.
They also rode like shit and were not very compliant in the stutters.

I think if you are over 200lbs you would benefit from the heavier springs.
Under that weight and I think you have to suffer occasional bottoming to have a decent ride.
F^&$#* falling rate uncoupled skid!!!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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