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Greetings fellow HC Sledders,

Just a note to all my HCS friends here and a big thank you to all who make this sport so much fun.

What an odd season this has been has it not? Due to advanced age and old injuries I choose not to trailer anymore so very limited riding this season. Snow for much of the year in central Maine just never appeared which sucked. Maybe next year. I guess I am becoming a soft core sledder at this point but it beats the rocking chair.

A few thoughts before I sign off until next year.

1.) Deaths: Far too many this year and hard to figure out why that is. Alcohol, speed and inexperience always come into play but it seems like many people just do not understand what it means to ride safely. Things happen fast. RIP to all of them and hope this does not continue to trend upward next season. Maybe people need to take a basic quiz before they can get a reg just to make sure they have SOME basic idea as to how to handle a sled.

2.) Knuckleheads: How many times have I ridden along a trail and seen signs saying "No Snowmobiling" on someone's land and then see tracks everywhere and property ripped apart? We had a great trail in my area closed several years ago because of this and the land owner was persuaded to open the trail again. Rode it this year and sure as sh&$ some idiots rode all over his property. WTF people?

3.) The Great People: For every knucklehead there are 100 great people out there. Over the years I have been helped out by complete strangers. In return I have done likewise. I have also met so many great people just by being outdoors in the dead of winter. Thanks to all.

4.) All (well most) of you guys on HCS. Seems every year there are fewer and fewer of you. Seems like Fu&% Book (sorry for curse) has taken over. I enjoy coming here during the week and getting reports on conditions, pictures of where you've been and great general info. Makes the weekend get here faster. I hope to see all of you again next season.

5.) A big shout out to everyone's favorite Gade for putting up with all of us petulant children throughout the season. Gade is a lot like Santa Claus. A mythical figure who MIGHT bring us some goodies. Hey Gade, while we are on the subject what's the long term forecast for winter 2021? C'Mon man, we gotsta know!

6.) Finally a huge thank you to all of the clubs and the people who keep them running. This one concerns me because in my club most are older folks killing themselves to keep this thing going. Somehow we need to attract younger people to get involved. I don't mean to knock the youngn's too much but they sure are an odd lot, my own included. He will ride with me for 2 hours and then want to go back so he can play with his damn phone for 10 hours. WTH?

In closing I hope all of you can stay safe during this Corona Virus madness. Unfortunately my wife and I have both lost our jobs and I am afraid things are going to get very dicey for a lot of good people. I was one year away from retirement and now no job, no prospects and 401K is destroyed. It 'aint pretty but as long as we all stay healthy, we'll be OK. If there is any good that can come out of this, I am hopeful we can all be just a little bit nicer to each other.

I hope the fish are biting soon. Be well all and see you next fall. :bc2:

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Great post and great points. Stay healthy and safe everyone.
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