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Speedwerx can?

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I was wondering who all on here has a Speedwerx can. I had a MBRP on my old 03 F7. But I dont want to put one on my 05 because ive heard numerous ppl say, there is a HP loss because of lack of backpressure. I really liked the sound of the Martin Barkey can, because here in the AK we dont get into trouble for noise issues...... and I wanted to have some feedback on whoever has the Speedwerx can on thier F7's..............how do they compare to the stock can, as far as noise........
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or how do they compare to the MBRP...do they sound as mean?
have a Werx on my F6 and love it!!! Crisp zing to it w/o being loud and annoying! Wish I had one on my F7 too!!!!!
If you want noise i would recomend the Rumble Pack or MBRP. Those are the two loudest. That and the thing. The thing has a website too. thesledshed.ca

Speedwerx isnt very loud, i talked to one of the guys that works there and he said they make them quiet on purpose.
i have got one and there not very loud at all
I have herd sound clips and they sound pretty deep and QUIET. Nothing like the MBRP, but maybe that is a good thing? I personally love the sound of the MBRP and "the Thing" sound as good if not better, they also produce HP from what I have herd. :div20:
got 1 on my 04 f7. put it on with the stock pipe and noticed the rpms bogged at around 6-7000 rpms. called speedwerx and they didnt really have an answer. put the stock can back on right after and it would rev right to 8000 like it was supposed to. swapped back and forth a couple more times and had the same results. bought the speedwerx single pipe anf put their can back on and things have been fine since. just a word of warning if u r running the stock pipe, or maybe it was just my sled?? idk. but it has a different sound over stock, idles a little deeper and a little louder than stock. people can tell its not stock sound if thats what your after
I've got one on mine and like it.....At idle you can tell it's not stock...Deeper rumble....I had my wife take it across the field WFO and I didn't think it was too loud.....Fit and finish is really nice......
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