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Some Poll Questions

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I am actually "thinking" of converting to riding over in Maine, after many years of riding in NH the trails just don't seem to get much snow anymore (not like Maine has anymore either). But, With the increasing more years of "NO SNOW" It seems like the Fish and game are looking to bust people for things that they used to let slip in the years past. I know that they are trying to make the trail systems safe (and I appreciate that of them) but, With the lack of no snow and the ball busting seems to me like they are trying to make a buck (maybe for thier funding etc or whatever the case may be).

I started the poll becuase this is what I was thinking .. If I either register in NH or ME I still have to basically spend the same amount to register no matter what state it may be, I still have to travel 4 hours to hit the Northern NH trails, OR I can go 4 Hours into Maine to ride too. No matter what I only want to register in 1 State as lately it just seems like that spending money on registration is like pissing it right into the wind.

Just curious on what everyone else thinks, experiances, etc.

(I am not starting this thread as a debate, but as thoughts and personal experiances)
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