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SO-LOW DECK The safest and fastest loading system on the market!

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Here it is friends: The all new So-Low deck. This IS the safest and fastest loading system on the market. Guaranteed! Look at the pics and videos and decide for yourself. You can still pull most trailers with the So-low Deck installed, that's what i usually do, just keep my sled in the truck then when my buddies want to come i just hook onto their trailer and off we go.
The deck and ramp together only weigh 210 pds, so one man can install in less than 15 minutes. No drilling or cutting required.
The ramps are auto locking so you just pull them out, and ride on without having to worry about them detaching from the deck.
Here is the website www.so-lowdeck.com
There is also some more info at the manufactures website http://www.coveybuilt.com/?page_id=208
Thanks for looking.
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