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Snow conditions?

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Does anyone know of rideable snow within a few hours of Minneapolis, MN?
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Originally posted by F5SnoPro@Dec 30 2002, 01:50 PM
Does anyone know of rideable snow within a few hours of Minneapolis, MN?
If you find any, let me know.

Heading to Michigan Thursday, staying in Houghton (cheap hotel room), driving in any direction from there until we find snow.
can't prove it but i heard it's raining in the u.p. right now, i would call for snow report before leaving!!
Heard that fargo ND. has 20 + inches. :D But haven't been there myself. :(
i wouldnt come to michigan living here i know we have no snow it has raid all day and most of it is down to bare grass you would be better off going west. I think we might get some snow but its not gonna be that great.
U.P has a snow advisery out for tonight hope we get some!!!!!!!!.
hey finner i hope ur right cuz down here we have nothing keep me posted we are leaving the 1st for Newberry hope we get a metric ton of it.

A friend of mine was in ND last weekend about a hour out of Fargo I'm heding out on Fyrday. :rolleyes:
I feel for you MN and ND sledders. I grew up in Grand Forks and now live in Maryland (Navy brought me east eight years ago). Anyway, I have to trailer to PA and NY, and will go to Canada, but the winters have been bad for a very long time in ND and MN. The last time I rode in ND was in Jan of '97, as I was home for my grandpa's funeral, and the snow was great. Of course, the big flood came, and everyone saw it coming. It gets very old riding drifted ditches and running the rivers.

Any suggestions on area's to go or not to go???
I have been checking daily for snow conditions at www.snowtracks.com for snow updates and it just doesn't sound good, heading to houghton, mi Jan 12 just hope things turn around.
I was at Lake Gogebic (UP) from 12/26-12/28. snow was going fast. temps around 40. Cooled down and I guess conditions are decent north of Mass City Mi. Stayed in Cable, Wi. on the way back to Iowa. Very little snow there but lakes were full of sleds.

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