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I have been hanging around on this forum for a while now and finally decided to sign up, i have to say this is probably the best snowmobile forum around and theres definately some awesome fusions on here!

Anyway, i just picked up an 05 fusion w/ USI skis, 1.5" track w/ 144 studs, SLP airbox, SLP pipe and can and SLP reflash and clutch kit. I have used SLP parts on all my sleds in the past and have always had good luck with them and now im working on dialing in the fusion to where i want it and im seeing a lot of negativity about the SLP pipe on here. Seems like theres a lot of people on here that have got there fusions dialed in nice so what im trying to figure out is if theres anything i can do to make the SLP pipe run close to as good as a dynoport or HTG, maybe by getting rid of the SLP can or something, any input would be great.

other plans i have for the fusion:

new clutching, 440 bars and riser, boondocker nitrous (have had it on all my previous sleds and love it), slydog powder pros

Thanks in advance
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