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Hi Spenc,

I see you reported the post(s) that contain negative feedback, and asked to have them removed from this thread. Because the purpose of this thread is to solicit feedback, we expect the vendor to take the good with the bad.

Thank you.

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HCS Advertiser and Vendor Feedback Forum

Drop your thoughts on a certain Advertiser or Vendor that you have had a good or bad experience with in here.

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Great service and prompt communication!
Spence was able to provide me with a good quote for everything I ordered and was able to get it to my door quickly.
I even received a follow up phone call from Spence after placing my order just so he could confirm the quantity of backers I ordered was correct, as it wasn't a standard quantity for the track.

Thanks again!


Such a pleasure to help :bc:

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261 - 263 of 263 Posts