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Ah... now I remember

you wanted a specific BELT that we did not have in stock, so I told you to buy locally to save time as you seemed in a panic

and yes we could have and would have beat any Canadian price , including ROYALS, for you if the item would have been in stock.

You first asked for a 5037 belt which we had, so we agreed to match the price you had to have, then you didn't want that, you changed your mind and then had to have a 5020 which we told you we did not have but could order in for you

but again you were very SHORT in your emails, and to come on a web site and trash a business over a 'belt' shows your own character so don't be attacking others

your business because of this is not welcome at 2KOOL , so now that is your loss, our clients show class, respect, and patience and are treated with the same in return, they are our FRIENDS

good luck to you - regardless of what you have done here, I hope you got a belt fast enough so you could go sledding.
Our clients best interests are always the 'priority' over making money here at 2KOOL Performance

that is who "I" am :)

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For one I didn't ask for a 5037 I said I needed a belt for a turbo cat. You said we have a d&d which requires shimming. I said I would like a dayco or Carlisle. Regardless of you had to order in or not why would the pricing be any different? If you say your going to beat a price then don't follow through it's a poor business practice. Like I said in the past it isn't the first time. When my gf was looking for tires for my atv as a gift she saw your website after speaking with ORPS and you advertised we will beat any price so she contacted you with the quote and your response was "buy it from them I don't care" I have emails from that as we'll. another buddy of mine called you about some tie rods for his renegade and you said go online and go through your terrible webpage to find it because you don't have time to look for parts on the phone. I will Gladly never do business with you and everyone I know I'll be sure to tell then to avoid you at all costs.

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Very poor service, would not recommend to anybody! I order a grip and rip brace kit( s mod and a arms) and a oil tank insert. I received my package in a half decent amount of time but when I open the box only to find the grip and rip kit he sent me was the "old" kit and would not work with my application (QRS tech link). I emailed him back saying its the wrong one but he insisted it is the correct part, I asked if I could send it back and his reply was "No sorry, you'll have to sell locally, they are extremely popular however, and everyone wants those kits because they do not use rivets that can
loosen" this reply really blown me away because now I'm stuck with a $250 kit that is no good to me and now I got to try and sell it myself and loose money on it. After I had sent the money he replied saying "Feel free to comment about our service or the savings we have provided you here in Canada online at this link below" and provided me with the link to this forum, so here I am. Once I found out I could not return it I emailed him back saying "wow, terrible service" and another email saying" I will be registering an account on this website to leave negative feedback" neither one of those emails receive a reply, I sent another email saying "its not even out of the packing and you wont take it back?" once again no reply so I sent one more email saying " so you wont take back an unopened item and you wont reply to my emails". I know he is probably a busy guy but he normally answered my emails quickly and seeing how its a day later and there is no reply he is clearing ignoring my emails. I will never buy anything from "2kool performance" again, I would not even recommend to my worst enemy.

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#1 - We suffered an email server crash during this time ( sorry for that )

#2 - we have also had a Death in our family which altered our priorities - ( sorry for that )

#3 - thank you for admitting, that in not receiving what YOU felt was a perfect resolve, when we could not get back to you ( for #1 and #2 ABOVE ) you used threats of SLANDERING our business online, which you did anyway without giving us the chance to respond

#4 - Having said that, you do not have a CHOICE, you will not be helped anytime in the FUTURE - Your 'business' with us is DONE
we are neither a doormat for abuse, insults, attempts of slander, or online attacks

GOOD LUCK to you in the future, we advice you work in a more patient and professional manner with VENDORS so they do not have to CLOSE THE DOOR on your business

This was just another example of how 'some' today conduct business with Vendors who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

"got my grip-n-rip braces today
highly recommend these guys, easy to deal with and fast shipping
cant wait to install them now"
HCS Member - nitro kid
"Hey Brent parts got here a week before the given date ,would that be to much of good good service Keep up the good work,I have more orders
going your way"
HCS Member – gene36

"I have dealt with Spenc ( Sled-Werx ) a few times now, Spenc has always responded to my emails promptly, now I’m not talking about mid day, I mean he’s responded to emails I've sent at 8 pm and he has got back to me that night. The price is right on the money, what I order is what I get and get quickly.
Thanks Spenc, Keep up the good work"
HCS Member – ltemple

"Hey Spenc,
Forgot to let you know my studs were received a couple weeks ago while I was in Florida, thanks!
For everyone else... I boycott Royal as much as I can. Every time I've gone in there with a list of stuff to buy, something is not available which means I have to make another trip to their store. I'd much rather pay a couple bucks more for something shipped to my door with much better service! Keep up the good work!"
HCS Member -yamaman

"I had a very good experience dealing with Mr Spencer @
Sled-Werx/ 2koolperformance.ca
Fast shipping, very professional, accommodating, and an extremely good price on the product
I know I won't hesitate to do business with him again "
-HCS Administrator Paul

"great serivice, sweet parts and quick shipping and also very good prices just bought handgaurds and polish for now but will be buying more in the future for sure"
- HCS Member 440 Charger

"Hats off to Spenc!!! Just bought studs, backers, tall nuts, riser block, adapter plate, hand guards, and couldn't be any happier! It wasn't a high ticket sale for them but they treated me like I just purchased a top-fuel engine! All phone calls and e-mails were returned and I was always kept up to date on when my parts were to be in at their shop before they were delivered to me. I will always remember this and make sure others know about their commitment to satisfy their customers. Thanks Spenc!!!"
HCS member - redpolarcat
" Other dealers claim to have great service and best prices but for all my purchases over the last 6-7 years you have always been #1 in price and hands down in customer service and product selection! Thanks again, will be sending my friends to 2KOOL! "
- Sam Kellog

"Spenc just hooked me up on a Sunday, now that's true gear head customer service! Third time doing business with him, I'm convinced There's no place better to deal with in Canada for all performance needs. Thanks again! "
-HCS Member puds

" One thing I will say Spenc, doing what I do I deal with a lot of people and u guys are very professional and it's been a pleasure and look forward to doing more business with you guys "
- Mike Frank

" Great Service and Excellent price! Will be back in the future "
- Larry Greensbomb

" Never experienced Canadian service like this before! You guys rock! Looking forward to checking out the other divisions of 2KOOL and will be telling my friends about the incredible and personal service I received."
- Len Bartswane

" Wow, I see that my package is enroute already. Very fast service. Thank you! "
- Matthew Lake

" You have always been the leader in providing the very best and newest parts for our industry, I thank you for that! Order received, was again a pleasure! "
- Tony Slate

" Hey, I got my fuel pumps yesterday. Thanks again for your help, Will be ordering from you guys more often "
- Craig Beliveau

" Best place by far to buy parts in Canada. How many companies have gone out of business trying to compete with 2KOOL is what I would like to know, must be hundreds. Will be back for more stuff soon. "
- Cory Black

" I emailed three different dealers in Canada for help with sled parts, two of which got back to me with pricing in 2-3 days, one within the hour!!! that was SLED-WERX Racing. All the online ranting and great reviews are true you guys are #1 . Very pleased to give you my business and not just for sleds, as 2KOOL is the only company I know of that does all facets of auto/marine and full powersports! Keep up the great work! "
- Kevin Burgess

" you guys give better service then a Strip Club! Thanks for helping me with my parts! will be back many times in future "
- Trevor Gordyne

" My order came quickly! Thank you
Your company sets the standard when so many others try to copy or follow. Keep up the outstanding commitment to your clients, it's greatly appreciated! "
- Steve Greenshield

" I was going to by from Royal, until I called them and they had no knowledge at all on the product and offered no map support? Thanks for the great price match, I'm always in better hands with 2KOOL! "
- Gerett Goodson

" Tried the RB3 and had nothing but problems and glitches with it, took your advice on the Dynojet PC5 and have never looked back, a 3 year old could program this and it's flawless - thank you " - Ryan Boyce

" Very pleased to see that FULL THROTTLE has selected you as their Canadian Dealer. I'll be placing my order with you shortly and look forward to the savings! Thanks allot for all you do for Canadians! "
- Terry Bowregard

" Some joker up here in Markham is pushing BMP products? Very surprised who some of these vendors are letting represent them. I have always bought all my BIKEMAN products from you, have had great service, very quick and reliable and wouldn't think of giving anyone else my hard earned dollars! Keep it up Spenc, you were the first in Canada to help us and many of us will never forget it! "
- Jordan Langstaff

" I order my parts from Sled-Werx because there is ZERO B.S with my orders, I'm quoted a price and there is never any surprises, plus you have the best selection anywhere online. Great Job! "
- Jim Bellows

" Learned a hard lesson ordering directly out of the US, got burned bad with brokerage and my order was held up at customs for over a week. Ordered from SLED-WERX here in Canada, had my parts the next day - enough said! thank you for your services here in Canada "
- Craig Pickett

"We have been buying our parts from 2KOOL for years and always will because you my friend SET THE BAR - period!
Keep up the incredible Job Spenc, parts got here quick!"
- Doug Burton

"Awesome serivce!
I got your info from snowandmud forum, the guys on there spoke well of your service and parts"
- Adam Vetter

" Thank you , you guys were over $50 cheaper than Royal Distributers, even after their free shipping! "
- Garratt Gutman

"I have purchased from a number of Canadian Sled parts companies and no one is more 'in-tune' to clients needs , pricing , service and selection like SLED-WERX Racing! I'll be telling all my sled head friends about this service! "
- Jim Ferguson

"By far the most Professionally run outfit in Canada! Thank you for taking your time with my order, and for the savings you provided me.
Will be back for sure!"
- Conrad Browntree

" I appreciate you working with me to give me a great price! I will continue to tell my buddies about your business! Thanks again "
- Dan Bertens

"I have purchased products online for years and can say honestly that I have never been treated more fairly and more professionally than I have been at 2KOOL Performance with their incredible
Sled-Werx Racing Division"
- Greg Timpson

" Thanks for providing the best price on this item. You have always matched or beat any price on any item but I come back
time after time for the Service! "
- Gordon Thomas

"It's sad to see some of these other Canadian sled part companies trying to COPY your business and put down your company online in the process? - We have been buying our parts from 2KOOL for years and always will because you my friend SET THE BAR - period!
Keep up the incredible Job Spenc, parts got here quick!"
- Doug Burton

"Thank you for the great price on the full brace set! Will be telling all my riding group about your services!" - Glen Sherman

"I have never been treated better nor had anyone take more of their own time to help me with with products that actually work for my sled than here with Sled-Werx Racing. Your honesty in business is greatly appreciated "
- Scott Graham

"Parts came today! that was quick! Thanks a lot and will be sure to pass on your web site to my riding buddys" "- Cory Spicer

"Your Service and selection of products must have every dealer in Canada shaking their head lol "
- Tory Wilson

"I had no idea which ski would be best for my new sled. After one phone call you had me SOLD. Appreciate your knowledge of the products you provide, cannot say that for many other dealers in this Country! "
- Keith Dunning

"Super Service on the order! Thank you and I'll be sure to send more people your way in the future! Oh, and thanks for the stickers! got them on the sled already! "
-Jim Browntree

"Like to send a big Thanks to Spenc at Sled Werx.
He ordered me a killer set of slydogs for my 05 Renegade
Pricing was great, Service was awesome, He is just a great guy to deal with.
Thanks again Spenc for great service
I highly recomend dealing with you" HCS Member - PudMxz

"Great Service Guys, the skis arrived today. Thanks again for the great price and very prompt service, you should let everyone know that you will be a lot less $ and a lot faster than ordering direct from C&A"
-John McNamee

"Thank you for the help here in Canada. Our group order came to us with no hidden fee's, no problems , just reliable and incredible service as your reputation says on all the sled forums. Pleasure doing business with you." Jordon Sprangee

"Big Thanks to Spenc for helping our race team with skis and tracks! Wouldn't shop anywhere else in Canada for Sled & ATV parts! Keep leading the way brother! "
-Greg Thompson

" Got my studs today
Thanks! very happy with the quick shipping "
-Andrew Dobson

"I wanted to give a shout out to Sled Werx and Spencer for the great customer service. I ordered a camoplast track from them and was very pleased with the price and the after purchase customer service. They were prompt with their email replies and kept me in the loop after I had sent the money.Thanks again!"
-HCS Member Lococoin

"Everyone one I know buys their tracks from 2KOOL Performance, because there is zero B.S, no issues and great pricing with unmatched customer service "
- Stephen Tulluch

" Awesome Price and thanks for the quick turnaround.
I will definitely be recommending you to others"
- Andre Paquette

"Thank you for beating Royal's price on the track I wanted. Your selection and service has always been better and I have never heard of one bad experience from buying from 2KOOL - can't say that for other Canadian companies. "
- Kent Philson

" Hi Brent, just to let you know that I received all parts. Thank you so much for the awesome service! "
-Dave Passaro

" Thanks for getting back to me so soon! Everything looks good on the order.
It's nice to support a competitive Canadian Business like yours! "
- HCS Member Biglines

"Last season I purchased a new track directly out of the US, it was delayed at customs and I was also charged an $80 Brokerage fee. This year I purchased a track from
SLED-WERX Racing and the price was exceptional, there was no lengthy delays, there were no hidden fees and the service was second to none!
Thank you for providing such an excellent service for snowmobiliers here in Canada!
- Todd Reddick

"Was Very pleased with my first order and just wanted to send along thanks for what you do for us Canucks! "
- Bill Greenhorn

" recieved my track this morning. THANK YOU! shie's beautiful ....cant wait to get it on the ol'girl, i'm sure she'll throw snow now!
p.s. have been passing out your business cards to friends.....spreading the good word about an excellent business !"
-Matt Smith

"Thanks for putting us on to this new stud. Another dealer was pushing the old hornets , but I'm glad for our group we took the time to research the product. You have always been about 'honesty' and providing the very best, newest, and most saught after products! Any dealer can sell garbage and devalue products for quick sales,but you give this industry 'class'. I wouldn't shop anywhere else!" -Grant Goldsmith

"Thanks for the great deal on Triggers! - Our group of riders buy all their parts from you and we laugh at a few of those guys in the Ontario HCS Forum who try to put you guys down online because you refuse to devalue products just to make sales.
- keep up your good work "
- John Labrash

"Got studs and fast! your service is everything it's bragged up to be! Thanks again, will be back "
- Lenny Brown

"Awesome service from Canada! Thanks for all your help! "
- Tim Webber

"Just want to give some props to Brent. Great Customer Service, fast response, great pricing and extremely fast shipping"
HCS Member - HYB90RID

"SLED-WERX is the only place I buy my sled parts from - period! "
- Trevor Simpson

"Spenc, the kit is Bang On! and love the adjustability. Thanks again " - Cory Bronson

"My friends run your Trail Terminator kits in their Yamaha's and love them, this new kit for my 800 ProCross is no different! I just love the way the sled pulls and it shifts so much better than stock - first snow testing was a Blast! Can't wait to get back out
Thanks Again!" - Jean Rietzer

"Got my kit quick, great service! and it's the strongest kit in our group. You guys certainly know your clutching! thanks again" - Steve Shell

"The engagement is what sets this kit apart for me. It is so much smoother than the other kits I have tried. It's also the fastest kit I have tested. I decided to stay with this one because it engages smoother which just makes it nicer on the trail for me. Fuel mileage is just a hair better with this kit as well"
- TY member 'nailsandrails'

"I put the kit in this weekend ! and tryed it holy f=== it puls like crazy the skis go up 4 feet on take off big change from stock.My bud with the f7 is getting one from your site too can't wait!! thanks" - Patrick Lefebvre

"Just got back from the first ride with the Trail Terminator kit in the sled and it feels like 20 extra HP!
Last year I was behind my riding buddies and now I'm in front! Excellent kit!" - Craig T Johnson

"All i can say is UNREAL!! - your Stage II Terminator kit for my 800 is absolutely the best money I have ever spent! "
- Joel Loutippe

"Dynamo Who? Hillbilly What?
Everyone is talking about the
because they flat out perform! "
- Brian Thomas

"I'm glad I took your advice! Since installing your Stage 2 Trail Terminator in my 800 Etec I have pulled 2 sled lengths on my buddy who's running the Howards Stage 2 and Cudneys kit in another sled in our group isn't even close!- Darren Johansen

"Thank you for all your help. My first order with went extremely smooth and with no hassle. Thanks also for answering my questions, most if not all other dealers in this country have inexperienced reps answering their phones that wouldn't know the difference between a sled and a lawnmower! Keep up the great work! "
- Kerry Velcamp

" I just tried to order through a different dealer here in Ontario because he claimed it would save me time - he knew 'nothing' about the product or anything else to do with sleds. Same guy that's online disrespecting other dealers. Keep up the Excellent work as always Spenc! "
- Peter Greenhorn

" Just ordered 2 kits from you because there is no one else in Canada I would buy products from. Anyone who buys elsewhere is missing out on something special "
- Peter Harrison

"Thanks for my RK TEK order, Kelsey speaks very highly of you, sounds like you both have a great working relationship which is a Bonus for Canadians! Will let my friends know of how well I was treated! " - Brian McDonald

"Thank you for helping me with my order. You saved me some serious money from buying direct out of the US. Cutler Performance is lucky to have a dealer like you representing them in Canada! Will be telling all my friends about the exceptional service! " - Floyd Jamison

"Wanted to thank you for helping me with my Straightline Performance parts order. The rumors of your great service are true! Will let my friends know! thanks again "
- Jeff Horford

"Followed the link over from Hardcore Sledder and have to say I'm amazed at the diversity of your business. Not sure how you pulled this all off but I'm impressed and look forward to buying products for my truck, atv and seadoo's from you as well. Thanks Again, great service! "
- Todd Bronson

"Just received my Supreme Tool order, that was quick! Thanks alot and can't wait to see what else you have to offer "
- Steve Sorburg

"Spenc and crew seem like they have their sh%t together.EZ Jacker and D&D Clutch kit arrived a week or so ahead of time.Even with all of the emails he gets a day ALWAYS replied same day.
Prices can't be beat either for us Cannucks.
Keep up the goood work."
HCS Member - ext

"I just received my SLP order from you, service was exceptional, pricing was even better and I was always aware of the progress with my order.
Your service here in Canada is a CLASS ACT!"
- Kyle Jones

"This is the only place I buy my stuff now! Brent treats you right and everything is first rate, fast and you know where you stand. I and all my friends will be using him" HCS Member - Jester

"Every order I place with 2KOOL Performance saves me time, money and frustration. I have tried to use local dealers that are close to me here in Markham Ontario and none of them are reliable, they don't have a 10th of what is offered here, and they have no understanding at all about the products they sell.
Keep up the great job!"
- Bill Boyce

new sheaves to complete the clutch.

"Always a pleasure to give you my business Spenc! You run the best aftermarket performance company in this country hands down! Appreciate your quick responses and knowledge of the sport. So many other dealers are just flogging parts to make quick money, that's never been the case in all the years
I've done business with you!" - Troy Lemier

"This is the only place I will buy Supreme Tool Products from because the price is exceptional and the service is second to none! Thanks again Spenc,
miss you on the trails " - Kevin Beattie

"Thank you very much, tihs is the service that I have come to know at 2KOOL Performance.
I will be sure to let everyone know how
good you guys are with your customers"
- Dan Keresturi

"I order my parts, I get my parts , no B.S just great service! - thank you, will be back and will tell all my friends! " - Loyd Livingston

"Wanted to thank you for being an OSP dealer for us Canadians. There's another guy up here who's a known industry copy cat as far as hardcore racing goes - Has a blind following over on TY, would never support someone like that - you're the hook up for parts and performance - keep it up! "
- Keith Dunn

" Thank you for the incredible price you provided on a couple Durability Kits for me
and my friend. We could not find anywhere in Canada that would
come even close to your pricing and service for our kits. "
- Jim Preston

"I know that this has been said multiple times on here but hats off to sled-werx. Great service and great people. Replied to my email on a Saturday, wow! Spenc.
I forgot to add that they shipped my stuff from the US to save on shipping costs. They really care about the customer and making them happy.
Thanks again Sled-Werx "
- Jason Neitzel

" To all Canadians, 2KOOL Performance is the ONLY place to buy aftermarket parts. I'm happy I found your web site because I was able to get aftermarket snowmobile parts that dealers here in Saskatchewan had never heard of. Prices were great and shipping was very reasonable. Thank you Brent, I will definitely order from 2KOOL again in the future. "
- HCS Member Sequoia

" Finally a Canadian Business that doesn't use a stupid Shopping Kart! Thank you for your personal approach to business! I appreciate that I was always dealt with professionally with a live person through email and by phone. All other like businesses today seem to think taking your money through an online shopping kart should be the priority?? At 2KOOL I feel like family!
Awesome Service! "
- Cory Wilmont

" Thanks again for your help with my EVO order. Everything looks great, you saved me a ton of brokerage and kept me up to date on my order which I really appreciated. "
- Jim Truden

" I just picked up a new yamcharger, ulmer A-arm bushing kit and a kick ass trail terminator clutch kit. The guy is always available, his service is unbeatable and price is right there with it. I'll definately buy from Spenc again in the future "
- HCS member nickrx-1

"I can say now that I'm a happy camper and SLED WERX will get more business from me...thanks Spenc for your proffresionalism and quick responses....great guy to deal with "
-HCS Member Shadow44

"I just recieved the package. Everything is there, great service, good price and fast delivery. I will recommend you for sure.

Thank you very much"
- Eric Leclair

"Just received my CPI pipe set and couldn't be more pleased! From the very first email response I could tell this was a class act opperation! Thanks for saving me time and expense from cross border shopping. You will be getting all my future sled part orders!"
- Jason Skakum

"A group of our friends from Quebec recently purchased MPI supercharger kits from you and I just wanted to say the service was excellent! Thank you for saving us a ton of money in brokerage fees and for such a hassle free excellent shopping experience!"
- Jean Couture

"Great service and product always in stock every time I order. Shipping from Canada is great for us Canucks and saves time and money. Support these guys so that they are around to provide great service and parts far into the future "
- HSC Member brookes 180

"After taking the advice of friends and having the best shopping experience that I can remember I will be recommending Sled-Werx Racing to everyone I know!

Thanks again for all your help!
- Steven Patterson

"Thanks for helping me with my Coolingmist order. My friends will be ordering soon too, they've head of your excellent service and were already buying their Atv and Off Road Truck parts from you but didn't know about
the sled division"
- Trent Borgeonson

" Great Price, Great Service - will be recommending you to all my friends and I'll personally be back for more parts in the future! "
- Trent Bowles

"I received my package. I'm very happy thanks for the service. I will install them this weekend! Have a nice winter and I will call you if I need something else. Very good service! "
- Samuel Couillard

"Received my Barker's Exhaust and installed it. I'm very happy with it. Thank you for making this great exhaust available to us Canadians for the same price as the American's pay "
- Graham Whyte

"I just received my Parts. Thank you for your good and fast service. I will do business with you again soon"
- Patrick Dube

"Just got my CPI order from you, thank you! you saved me a ton because my friend who thought he was going to save time and money ordering direct just got his with a $75 UPS brokerage charge.
You rock bro, thanks again!"
- Tony Vincent

"Thanks for helping me with my JAWS exhaust order. I followed a friends referal and was Very satisfied with your service. This seems to be the norm from what I'm reading around on the internet.
Keep up the great work! "
- Steve Humphries

"I've been ordering my SPEEDWERX parts from you for years and couldn't be more satisfied with your service!
Thank you for helping us Canadians Spenc! "
- Jeff Freeman

"Thank you for my first order. Had I known about your business years ago I can't imagine how much money and hassle I would have saved! My parts got to me sooner than I expected and the tracking #'s provided was a classy touch! Everyone in our area is raving up Sled-Werx so keep up the good work!"
- Jerry Simmon

"For years my friends and I from Canada purchased alot of these products directly out of the US and paid very heavy hidden expenses ( brokerage fees, excessive shipping etc ). Since finding SLED-WERX Racing here at 2KOOL Performance we are all saving money, saving time and most of all we're treated like family or friends! Keep up the excellent work Spenc, you run by far the best parts service out there! "
- Greg Jamison

"The folks at 2koolperformance are great. Spenc taught me a few things to make online ordering even easier. Service was great, very pleased with the way they do business. I would highly recommend 2kool as a great place to do business with great prices also!!! "
- Bill Roszell

" Got my order in great time as always Spenc, thank you! Ignore these jokers who are trying to copy you, they'll never be 2KOOL! "
- Loyd Henderson

"I'll just say this, GREAT SERVICE! and If YOU weren't selling BIKEMAN's products I wouldn't be buying them period! Thanks for the great service on my order, BMP is lucky to have you
supporting them in Canada! "- Fred Rivals

"Thank you for helping me with my BIKEMAN order. A friend of mine mentioned you guys were the first dealer in Canada selling BMP Products. The forums are 'dead accurate' you treat your clients like friends and service is exceptonal! "- Tim Lyons

"Quick, efficient and friendly service! Really apppreciate your help with my AAEN order. My riding group buys all their parts through you for sleds/atv's and our watercraft. No one in Canada compares!PS: thanks for the stickers "
- Jeff Brown

"The companies you represent and promote here in Canada should be thankful because there is no business North of the Border that could even hold a candle to Sled-Werx Racing!
Proud to be a happy client as are all my riding buddies!
We really appreciate your dedication
to the industry and this Sport!"
- Gilles Lesard

"It's taken 3 days to get through this entire site!
from your Online Specials page to Tuff Truck Depot , Dirt-Werx Racing for ATV's etc etc to finally Sled-Werx Racing (my personal favorite) and I will say this - There's reason so many Canadian businesses are running scared! You have built an absolute MONSTER with 2KOOL Performance! Just incredible! And what an enormus effort it must have taken! Great to see your hard work paying off for Canadians Coast to Coast."
- Brian Kilborne

" Got the parts
Going to put the Y Pipe and D&D exhaust on tonight. Then clutch kit and lastly the Boondocker
thanks for your help "
- Brent Hamm

"There is nothing that even compares to
2KOOL Performance - period!
Thanks so much for providing such an amazing
performance parts service for Canadians! "
- Steve Bordon

"Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks a ton for this incredible business you have built here in Canada! My orders have all gone smooth and I've saved alot of money. My returning as a client has far more to do with the professionalism shown during the order process! There is no where else in Canada where I would purchase! "- Trevor Goodson

"Hey All, i just wanted to reach out and let everyone know that i have had multiple orders with 2kool Performance and never had an issue, in fact my lstest item not only saved me 100 bucks but also they allowed me to grab them after hours which kept me completely satisfied and allowed me to work on my latest 07 mach z 1000 project over this past weekend
All in all if your looking for the best price, best service & best response time to emails or questions your look is now over. there isn't any better in Canada so you're just burning yourself if you don't try them out "
- HCS Member NeonFXP


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#1 - We suffered an email server crash during this time ( sorry for that )

#2 - we have also had a Death in our family which altered our priorities - ( sorry for that )

#3 - thank you for admitting, that in not receiving what YOU felt was a perfect resolve, when we could not get back to you ( for #1 and #2 ABOVE ) you used threats of SLANDERING our business online, which you did anyway without giving us the chance to respond

#4 - Having said that, you do not have a CHOICE, you will not be helped anytime in the FUTURE - Your 'business' with us is DONE
we are neither a doormat for abuse, insults, attempts of slander, or online attacks

GOOD LUCK to you in the future, we advice you work in a more patient and professional manner with VENDORS so they do not have to CLOSE THE DOOR on your business
So I'm going to play the moderator role here ... not as a HCS moderator, but a moderator of a dispute.

Spenc - before you had e-mail problems & a death (sorry to hear that by the way) ... did you truly respond to the guy trying to tell him it was the right product? And that you would not take it back, and that he should try to sell it on his own? All of this BEFORE the issues you claim to have had?

JW409 - Were you in contact with Spenc, and professional in your exchange ... up until the point of being told Sled-Werx would not accept a return?

I don't have a dog in this fight, but I'm sure I'm not the only one looking for some clarification .... especially anyone NEW to the site who may be looking to do business.

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On the contrary, as a business and business owner you NEVER respond negatively to a customer in public or in this case public forum. You make yourself look unprofessional and ignorant. People will always complain negatively. you have a bad experience, you tell 50 people....have a good experience you tell 5. I will tell you this, as a restaurateur, we get slammed occasionally on the worst site of all. YELP!....NEVER would I respond negatively to a customer publicly. A proper public response would be
"Thank you for your feedback from your experience with us. Please contact me via telephone or send me a contact number via email so that I may speak with you about your experience and get it resolved. Customer service has alot to be desired even on HCS. You are losing respect and sales because of your ignorance. The product will not sell itself, if the sales person(s), don't care.

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After checking out clutch kits online,decided on sled werx trail terminator kit, buying in Canada cheaper than in US.I thought I would give 2Kool a chance, I was a little nervous having never dealt there before.The whole process went very well, Spence quickly responded to my questions and quoted prices on a few kits.Ordered kit November 3. kit arrived Nov 6.Excellent service, good prices, just need some snow for testing.

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Great service and prompt communication!
Spence was able to provide me with a good quote for everything I ordered and was able to get it to my door quickly.
I even received a follow up phone call from Spence after placing my order just so he could confirm the quantity of backers I ordered was correct, as it wasn't a standard quantity for the track.

Thanks again!


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First time dealing with 2Kool and so far happy with the service they offer.. I Just ordered a osp clutch alignment tool from them..

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It was a pleasure helping you - look forward to helping you in the future with all your needs

Remember we are the only company in the World ATV to TOP FUEL Drag, including MARINE - ( tires/superchargers/turbo's/nitrous for ALL Applications )


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Its like this

2kool is just That !

Been sledding for many years, factory racing for many also .. .
placed order with these guys and had it at the door in no time,
They stock and carry stuff others just don't have.


Very happy Turbo guy, lol

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ill add to this. Monday I noticed some damaged parts on my sled. which was a holiday (family day). I emailed spenc he got back to me right away. he even tried calling me but I was unable to answer phone at the time. said I needed parts by Friday. he said he would do his best but with the weather shipping may be a bitch. called me back Tuesday morning and said it was shipping out Tuesday afternoon. I thought there may be a chance it shows up by Friday before I leave on Saturday. the parts were here by Wednesday before noon. seems like good customer service to me

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Have placed several orders with Brent @ 2Kool recently. Just wanted to say that the service and pricing was fantastic! Prompt shipping as well and generally just a really nice guy to talk to. Being as busy as he is he still takes the time to explain the details. Which is refreshing in this day and age.

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Guys/Gals - I want to THANK YOU for your nice comments.

I have always tried to do my very best in supporting and helping our clients here at 2KOOL Performance

I would like to Encourage everyone please to follow the LINK below and LIKE us on facebook.

We have been avoiding facebook for years but feel it's time to work with you more closely and to have an easier platform to post SPECIALS
- which we'll be posting for ALL aspects of our Company ATV to TOP FUEL Drag including full MARINE

Again thank you for your comments and support and look forward to seeing you on FACEBOOK

please LIKE and SHARE with all your friends who are into Powersports & Modifications


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Absolute shit vendor, do not use or buy from. If you get a price and he can't beat it you will receive multiple harassing emails sent to you calling you all sorts of stuff. Noting but a drama queen.
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