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What did your mom tell you when you’d go out to play?
“Be safe Honey!”

Well, listen to your mother….and be safe this season by finally investing in a TekVest!

Our TekVest prices are already priced at 20% or more below retail prices.
For some models that’s over a $70 savings!

Not good enough you say?
We’ll take an additional 5% off your TekVest AS WELL AS your entire MadSled order when you use this coupon code "SLEDSAFEHCS".

If you see something we have that NEVER goes on sale…this might be the deal for you.
Plus you get FREE SHIPPING*. Coupon code can ONLY be used in conjunction with the purchase of a TekVest.

Offer good through Monday October 13th. Go to MadSled.com and make your mother proud!

Disclosures and stuff...
*Free shipping is only for the continental U.S. It excludes oversized items (i.e. sled lifts, salt shields, or any other items that require special handling.) Offer good through Monday October 13th, 2014.
This offer may change or be cancelled at anytime. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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