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Skidplate install

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Did you take the airbox out to do the install, as instructed? The clearance must be thin?

Also, how many guys use them? I always have after dinging my frame on a 99 zr 6.

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I took the air box out and hood off. If you dont take the air box out than you can't access the nut to tighten. You must also follow the instructions where it tells you to take the factory skid off because the coolant lines run where you have to drill and you have to move them out of the way or you will drill them. The whole job is simple and sounds worse than it is. Took me about an hour
just use a bit gauge and do not drill in to far you can see where you drill on the mag side the coolent lines are about 1" up ! also you have to use the rivits for the four front . the bolts will rub a hole in your air box :(
My kit came with bolts for the front. I recall cutting the extra threads off past the nut so the air box would fit back in. As for the bolts rubbing thru the air box its not likely because its a tight fit and the ends of the bolts dont touch it anymore than rivets would..
ya i guess if you cut them off that would work but how did you get the front bolt in and a nut on it?
No washer and drilled a hole in that plastic insert that holds down the air box.
ok ya . did your kit come with 4 black rivets
For those who purchased a skid plate during the spring, summer, or fall and the hardware lit has 3 phillips head screws with large silver washers and a loc-nut, there is a updated installation hardware kit (part# 0637-237) for the F chassis sleds that comes with 3 large headed black rivets and new DETAILED set of instructions that are printed SPECIFICALY for the F chassis sled. Read them well and follow them VERY CAREFULLY. It looks worse when reading than it actually is, the install was quite easy..... Hope this helps.
This is differnt than the belly pan right?
Originally posted by switta@Dec 16 2002, 12:59 AM
ok ya . did your kit come with 4 black rivets
My kit didnt come with the black rivets I purchased it early but got the updated instructions before installing it. As for the black rivets or the silver washers and bolts it makes no difference to me because I put a yellow skid on and they bolth show up...........As per the updated instructions I coulnt agree with you more JLeosnow If you dont follow them to a TEE you will make a mess

My understanding is that the rivets that come as the "updated" installation kit for mounting the skid plate on the F chassis sled are for airbox clearance issues, not a color issue. It looked to me that the bolt/washer/nyloc nut set-up would be too long and rub the bottom of the airbox and/or not let the airbox sit properly in the nose of the sled....
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