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Ski Test???

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Still working on this idea, but it is slowly coming together..

What I'm planning on doing is obtaining several sets of aftermarket skis.. SLP has indicated that they will allow us to test 2 pair of their skis, the SLT's and new "Powder Pro" skis. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get some C&A pro trail versions, and I'm still waiting to hear from Simmons.

The idea is to get some HCS members together for a one day test. Ideally about 4-5 Firecats total. I think it will be most convenient to meet at Island Pond. And we will each mount one set of skis and then do a say 20 mile loop, returning to IP where we will rotate the skis, and repeat the same loop. When we are done, each member will have had a chance to try each brand of aftermarket ski, and compare them to one another and also the stock AC skis. We will all agree to then do a writeup, giving our impressions of each ski. We also will take pictures, and the whole thing will be posted here on the forum, and also made into a permanent page in the 'tips' section of HCS. I invision this coming together on a weekend in early january. This will be a real-world test, and very useful for all Firecat owners looking for the best performance out of their sleds.

This will be a fun project, but it will be work also. Those of us that get together for this project will have to take it seriously, and make a commitment to write a detailed review of each ski.

Lets toss it around and everyone voice your opinions of this idea.
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Great Idea Rob,

Wish I lived closer to be part of it. But we can take it one step farther, take the same write up, post it and let everyone that changes out ski's to do the write up and post in the same section. This will give everyone a standard to evaluate. The form should include rider's weight for a good comparision, as we all know how much weight plays into handling
Wow Rob... that would be GREAT if you can pull this ski test/comparison together! Sure would be nice to have the Simmons in there too. Keep up the OUTSTANDING work on this great hobby (addiction?!) of ours!!! -- Roy
The issue I see with this is all sleds have to be setup exactly the same, limiter straps, coil turns on shocks etc for it to be fair. Unfortunately each ski will also respond to different setups differently working better with one setup vs the other so it is gonna be hard to compare apples to apples. Kinda a catch 22 if you know what I mean. Do't get me wrong still an extremely useful activity and I would love to see the results.

I'm in!! Island Pond would work for me.

As you know I enjoy doing writeups about this stuff, kinda keeps the mind sane!!!
Another problem is what about carbides ?
whatever carbides the skis have, it would be the same for everyone that is in the test as they use that ski. And different sled setups are fine too, as that would be mentioned and considered in the results. The bottom line is that a test such as this would evaluate the relative differences of the various skis and how they factor into the Firecat's handling.
I have tried a set of skidoos precsion skis on mine with dual carbide it did help on hard pack the way it turned on ice the act skies worked better just thought you would like to know
Originally posted by green-patriot@Dec 7 2002, 03:08 PM
I have tried a set of skidoos precsion skis on mine with dual carbide it did help on hard pack the way it turned on ice the act skies worked better just thought you would like to know
you mean the dual carbides didn't bite on ice? How about on loose snow?
How did you mount the skidoo precision skis to the Cat? Are there kits available? If so please post a link. I'd like to get a set of those for the test.
Here is my input. I rode my F7 today with the simmons flex-skis. My brother has an F7 also,but with standard skis. I must say, as he will also, that the simmons are much much better. I did not experience any push, on icy corners, they held better. Our friend also tried both and agreed that the dual runner skis were much better as well. I also did some slow speed turns in fresh snow and watched the front end to see if it was pushing, and it did not. I must admit, I highly recommed these.
Rob all you have to do is use a couple washers for shimming. they seemed great on hard pack but on ice the didn't turn as good as the 10" carbides on the factory skis I think it is due to weight pressure of the single versus the dual carbids. For example the dual carbides grab the snow better than a single which results in better turning in the snow I also think this helps with the ackerman everyone was talking about. And on the ice the weight is spread out over 2 carbides instead of 1. hockey players only have 1 runner on their skates which = more weight over a smaller area. which helps cut the ice better. It's hard to explain but i hope this helps.
I mounted a set of Skidoo Precision skis on my sled. There is no kit for AC but all I had to do was use the AC Bushings in the precision skis and the bolt fit perfectly. You also have to cut a piece of 1/8" plate to drop in under the rubbers so that they contact the saddle properly. With standard carbides on both the precision turn much better under all conditions than the AC skis. We found we had to take pressure off the precision skis so that they wouldn't be quite as aggessive on ice. And you lose the darting!!!!!!
im in just give the time and place ! thanks dana
we put slp powder pro's on tuckers sleds starting last week. they turn much much better on the sno cross track. we did have ultras on it but they just plowed in the corners. the ultras work good for wet snow. the powder pros work good for wet and dry dusty snow. if you want black ones, i ordered all that slp had in stock, also have green and red ones coming.
i have c&a pros with 9" of carbide no push
i did not stud my track
Hey rob, I'd be interested to test with ya guys. I could make the trip with Dana, and Maybe My buddy with his F7 would be into it as well. I've been riding on it a couple times, and feel its ready for some REAL RIDIN. I got about 150 miles on it, and she's RUNNING STRONG :wub:

I was talkin to Dana, and I guess you are talking sometime in Jan. I could do any but the 18/19.

Lemme Know.
I think you will find that the camber/caster angles built into the AC front end will only allow one carbide of a dual runner ski to make contact with an icy surface when turning. This is why Woody's recommend using there 8" Dooleys if you normally use 8" single carbides.
Good luck with your evaluations and keep up the good work on these HCS forums.
did the c&a's hold up well let me know thanks
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