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Ski-Bees Grass Drags Planned for 9/24-25 in Colebr

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Ski-Bees Grass Drags Planned for Sept. 24-25 in Colebrook

Grass drags have come back to the North Country in anticipation of the forthcoming snowmobile season, and will be held in Colebrook on Saturday and Sunday, September 24 and 25. Organizers and sponsors of the Colebrook Ski-Bees will welcome riders from the Northeast Grass Drags series for a last-minute entry to the circuit, which will be held at George Hodge's field off of Bridge Street in Colebrook. The Yamaha pro team is expected, said Mike Ouellet of Northeast Grass Drags, as well as the ever-popular 120s, or mini sleds. Amateur riders will be accepted on stock and improved stock machines, and grudge matches will be held between local snowmobile clubs and dealerships.

According to Clayton Hinds of the Ski-Bees, teams that could be included in the grudge matches are from Lewis Ford, the Colebrook Car Center at Brooks Chevrolet and Lewis Ford, Pittsburg Motor Sports and Granite State Power Equipment. Dealers and manufacturers will have the new sleds on display and after-market vendors will exhibit what is available in snowmobiling accessories.

It's been nearly a dozen years since grass drags were held in Colebrook, and more than once the leadership of the Colebrook Ski Bees have looked to renew the event. "We're bringing some history back to this town," said club president Phil Monson. This year all the requirements for the grass drag fell into place at the last minute with a suitable location and circuit placement date. Although the Ski-Bees have had to scramble to put this event together, about 1,500 to 2,000 people are expected to attend.

The primary sponsor of this Jorda said her ultimate goal is to be a disaster nurse. She spent time in Mexico last year on a humanitarian trip, and it gave her a taste of a different kind of nursing. This will be Jorda's first experience with a disaster, especially of this magnitude.

Jorda is able to make this trip with the help from her UCVH co-workers picking up shifts. She said she appreciates what Dr. Bob Soucy, PA Ed Laverty, and her husband Dr. Cliff Chapin are doing to enable her to make the humanitarian trip. Jorda said she also appreciates the hospital administration's help with her efforts.

(Issue of September 14, 2005)
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nice job it is good to see other events in NH. do you have any ponds on that property for a watercross???
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