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I want to put one on my 2000 ZR600LE (carb). What do you guys have and whats pros and cons? Not looking to pipe. The Rumble Pack Silencer sounds alright, less weight couple more ponies?
Thanks for any suggestions
Steve in Ct
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check out d&d racing
I've got a d&d on both my zr500, and zr600. It's nice, and light. Sounds great too.
I used a MBRP silencer. Look really good ( Polished ) Nice sound to it too.
As far as extra power, I didn't notice much. BUT It was WAY!!! lighter than the old silencer.
And It opened up the hood well too!!!
a silencer will probably slow you down. cats don't like them. they don't allow the pipe to get hot enough. :eek:
I didn't see any diffrence in power, but on the zr5 it did lean it out. The zr5 are jetted rich, and before the I added the can it was running rich(black plug) after the can, better throttle response, and nice even brown plug. I switched it back for my wife, and it went back to black plug. No other changes were made. I also got better milage with the can.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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