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silencer needed

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my old one is rotting out and would like to replace before the snow flies. anyone have new or used one floating around? or any recomendations on which brand to buy/ stay away from? i've been looking at the RT canister sold through black magic.
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i put one from d&d racing and love the sound . on my 2000 zrt 600. only reasion i change my can was i broke the rear stock can bracket off, and the weight is about 1/2 the weight.. i you want my old can i will give it to you , if you pay for the shipping , i live in alaska.. i was going toss it out this fall .cleaning out my shop. like i said it has no rear mount,but can have a mount welded back on it?? mail me with your address, thanks... cal
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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