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After speaking with Dan from the outdoor shop and with Rob gone for 3 days sleddin' We have decided that since rob is so against a pay site that it may be appropriate for those that wish to send a donation in rob's name to the outdoor shop so he may use it to purchase a new firecat or for whatever he wishes. I'm sure alot of you, like myself, owe your successful snowmobile season on your firecat to rob and this site. My suggestion is to send $20 but it is entirely up to you and your budget...dan has agreed to take paypal or you can send a check or money order

If you wish you may utilize paypal and send the money to this email: [email protected] which is lori's paypal's account,if you send paypal please indicate in the notes that this is for rob. you may contact dan at 508-394-3819 with any questions regarding this


you may send a check or money order to:

The Outdoor Shop
50 long pond drive
South Yarmouth, MA 02664

I started us out by sending $50.00 .....lets see what we can get together before rob gets back
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