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4 of us took a little 3 day ride this week starting from Rose Valley and road to Nipawin via Tisdale, looped the back side of Tobin and into Nipawin for the 1st night's stay at the Tobin Lake Motel. 180 miles. Trails were good all the way up even though none had been freshly groomed ahead of us. Day 2 over to Carrot River and off to Hudson Bay and the Tree Line to sleep. The Pasquia and Hudson Bay clubs had their systems in pristine condition and that was evidenced by the number of sledders on the trails on a Friday. By Friday evening the entire motel was full of sledders. Saturday we headed east through Erwood and south to Norquay. Trails had not been groomed for a few days until we reached Boiler Junction and from there south the Norquay Club had just groomed but due to shortage of snow in the forest in that area their section of trail was a bit rough until we hit the open area south of the forest line on the run to Norquay for fuel. 98 miles. Then on to Stenen for lunch (great sandwich), south to Canora and a loop to Invermay and on to the Wadena trails and then Kelvington section and back to Rose Valley. 581 miles.
Overall the trail system that we travelled is very well maintained and groomed as much as they can depending on the wind and the weather as we rode in a blizzard for much of yesterday.
It is because of the efforts of the volunteers that keep the clubs operating and do all that important staking which allowed us to reach our destination safely in near white out conditions that make this sport so enjoyable.
It can't be table top smooth every mile of the journey but for the most part the trails were in great shape and we hope to be back again before the big melt and get in another ride.
Thank you to everyone that makes this possible. :fistpump2:
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