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Shock Help, Please!

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I have a '98 ZRT800. My repair shop is recommending a Comet rear shock be installed since the existing one is too soft for my big a&' and it is plum wore out. We installed the new big boy springs and are installing the higher spring slider blocks. Only one problem, can't find Comet shock for my sled. I have called distributors and parts warehouses all over the country. I also contacted Comet Industries direct- their not making that shock this year for my sled. They said, probably next year they'll start production again. Something about controlling inventory costs. Anyway, has anyone installed a 9200 series Ryde-FX shock? If so, is it stiff? How does it react? And if you did put one on, why? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Big D

I installed FX 300% adjustable in rear of 98 zrt 600.
My weight is 200lbs.,ran the shock at lowest compression setting. Worked great,good ride,plenty of
spine for hard riding.With another 200% compression available,iam sure it would for you.
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