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shock covers

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I have the black flamed covers on my black sabercat
They match and look great
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just got off the phone with them i got the yellow ones for my standard f-7 good price to! :D
Do you have to pull your shocks to install them, or do they just wrap around with the velcro?
Just ordered a pair of the Flame covers for my black standard. My bud with the Saber Cat is going to be jealous! He is already jealous of my skull key chain ^_^
What size did you guys order?
10", 11", or 14"

I'd like to order them as well, but I don't know what size? Thanks for your help!
They just wrap around, Order the large, It list firecat7 when you get to the order page. The site doesn't seem to work with Netscape so use IE for your browser..
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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