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1 Remove clutch from machine

2 Put an alignment mark on the cover as well as both sheaves so you can line them back up when re assembling(small piece of electrical tape works good)

3 Remove 3 nuts holding cover plate on clutch, be careful as the plate is under tension from the spring

4 Take cover plate and spring out and lift off the top sheave.

5 Shims will remain on shaft up against other sheave, remove as needed(I took one thick out, seems most people are finding the same thing)

6 Put sheave back on, put spring on(make sure the end is in the hole in the sheave, put cover back on with the spring in the correct hole.

7 Cover should need about 1/3 of a turn to get it back on the studs lined up, best to put entire clutch on a roll of duct tape(or similar) and press down and turn the cover.

8 Tighten nuts and put clutch back on machine.

9 Dust off hands, pat yourself on the back and scream "I'M DA MAN" :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts