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Shaper Bars vs. Woodys

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After my less than gracefull slide and dismount over the weekend, the F7 SnoPro is getting 144 Woodys Megabites in a double digger pattern.
Now.........................do I go with 8 inch Woodys Carbides, or Shaper Bars, which the dealer told me come in either 6 or 9 inch for the stock Cat skis.
A little help here guys, or gals would sure be appreciated. I want to get this set-up done and back on the snow.

Kevin :wacko:
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F-7 Sno-Pro with 102 studs and 7.5 shapers. Couple people told me 9s were too much and the darting was bad with them. I decided to try the shorter ones and go up if I need to. I only have a few trips up and down the road (no trails yet) so I can't give a good turning/carving assessment but there isn't any darting at all.
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