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I just finished putting a stock cylinder back on my 93 XLT after trying to run a heavily ported one for a while. The ported one was a little too much for a normally ridden sled. It worked great if you were just doing straight line speed stuff. I'm still going to use the SLP triple pipes that I have on the sled along with a stock head that was cut .015". I printed out the SLP pipe specsand it gives the running timing specs for 7500 rpm but I want to double check the static timing before I run this too much.

Does anybody have the btdc spec for timing in thousandths?

What needs to line up on the flywheel and pick up coil at the bdtc spec?

Is it the begining edge of the pulse trigger part (steel protrusion)of the flywheel that has to line up with the PTO cylinder to check timing?

Does aligning the pointeron the case and line on the stator get it close enough?

Thanks for all the help. Todd
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