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This weeknd in Senac Falls NY Oct. 15+16th. Big bonus money to be given!!

Go to this link for more info:


Woody's Challange OCT.15 fastest MPH $250 (Sponsor Kings motorsport Mike Hills)

(Factory mod 1) $300 1st, $150 2nd, $50.00 3rd (Sponsor Dave Dunigan Racing)

(Pro stk 800) 1st $200 gift cert.Wahl Bros.Racing 2nd $100 gift cert.(Whal Bros. Racing)

(Note class winners below must have a D&D motor,12" D&D decal on their windsheild) and

D&D employees are ineligible for this sponsorship.

(Pro stk 1000) winnner $500 Sponsor D&D POWER SPORTS

(Imp.1000) winner $500 Sponsor D&D POWERSPORTS

(Imp.700) winner $500 Sponsor D&DPOWERSPORTS

(Imp.600) winner $500 Sponsor D&D POWERSPORTS

Stock class winners must have a 12' D&D decal on their windsheild and D&D employees are ineligible for this sponsorship

(Stk700) winner $300 Sponsor D&D POWERSPORTS

(Stk600) winner $300 Sponor D&D POWERSPORTS



Also Newly added:

ARCTIC CAT contingency, min. 8 sleds per class

stk600-$600 to winner

stk700-$600 to winner

stk800-$600 to winner

stk900-$600 to winner

stk1000-$600 to winner

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Registration is open Oct.14,05 at 4.00pm until 9.00pm

I would like all Woody.s Challange racer to register Friday, Mike Key will be taken photo's of all racer in the Challange.

You can register by phone call (315) 483-4657 or (315) 569-7927

Registration will be open for a Saturday 7.00am til 9.00am

Drivers meeting at 10.00 am

Racing at 11.00am

We will be running 14 pro classes Saturday

stk 500,600,700,800

imp stk.600,700,800,1000

pro 600,700,800,1000

o/m 800,1000

Note# the Woody's Challange starts at 2.00pm sharp and will run until we have a winner

Then we will finish any remaining classes .

Note# no amatuers program SATURDAY not enough day light to complete

Sunday Oct.16,05 Registration 7.00am until 9.00am

We wiil be running a full (PRO) and (AMATUER) program

drivers meeting at 10.00 am

racing 11.00 am

If you have any more question call my cell (315)-569-7927

Thanks Senecafalls Supertrack

Kirsch and Molly
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