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Seized Driven clutch on 97 ZR

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On my 1997 ZR 440 Ive noticed that the driven (secondary) clutch is seized on the jackshaft tight. I tried soaking the thing with penatrating oil over the summer then beating the thing off with a mallet but no sucess. I then tried making a homemade clutch puller to take it off but I couldnt get the thing off. Does anyone know a trick to gettin these SOBs off when they're seized or should I just pull the whole jackshaft out with the clutch on and get it off with a hydrolic press? My dad's 98 ZR 500's clutch also seized like that but the shop was able to get it off with a hammer.
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I had a freiend that had the same problem...he ended up taking apart what he could of the clutch and then heated up the outer shaft with a small torch...he also applied some rust free lub and tapped the shaft while heating it. You might need a helping hand..I get into habit taking my clutches off during the off season and spraying the shafts, both of them.
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