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Secondary washers

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Hello fellow Fire cat Dudes, Added a F5 to the stable yesterday and was goin over the sled and noticed the belt deflection was way loose an the secondary has no float on the jackshaft is this normal? Being old school I proseeded to take the secondary off to remove a shim to get deflection were it should be and 2 small washers fell to the ground, not the big ones. I think they came from the back side, like they went between the clutch and jackshaft with the long clutch mounting bolt holding them in place.Is this correct? Great site, thanks for any help on this and everyone have a MERRY CHRISTMAS :D
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If you are talking about the same washers I found inside the the clutch hole where the keyway is, all you do is turn the clutch with the helix side down, put the mounting bolt into the hole just far enough to drop the washers into the clutch hole and shake a bit until the washers find their way onto the bolt. While mounting the clutch back in, hold the bolt all the way so the washers won't fall off and slide the clutch back on.
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