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Well i had full oil which i think is 2.7 litres.... rode for half a tank, then rode for 70 miles today and oil light came on? Flashed once every 5 minutes or so, so i get home and i go to add oil, doesnt even take 1 litre, only takes about 85% of it. I like a heads up but thats just annoying.... i was worried all trip and i had 1.7+ litres of oil in my machine.......

So anyway, next portage my buddie hops off his rx-1 and wants to swap rides for a bit.... so of course i do, i sit on it and BOOM this dont feel right.... brake lever was small and metal, seat seemed really flat. So i Jam on it.... kinda deep snow, doesnt grab and tourque ya but smooth power... couldnt top 170kph BUT like i said fresh lake powder, turning wasnt that great in those conditions either....then i took it through a ungroomed rough portage, god damn every mogul sprung me from the seat and when i came down, whack....hard

nice top end machine, nice style, not for me, hoped on f7, jammed the throttle and felt my guts sit back....ahhhhhh

also on the one decent ice road i saw 104 - 107 today.... not to bad for a 1.37" track, in the deep powder i had her up on one ski hard core, i was sideways, she wouldnt tip

hehehe, great ride
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