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I have recently purchased a new Red F 5 with the Team Graphics.
My F 5 has just turned over 100 miles today. I was told the top RPM should be between 8250 and 8400. However, my RPM's don't seem to be consistent. It has been running mainly between 7880 and 7920. At certain times you will get an RPM of 8300 - 8360 which is giving much more top end speed and power.
Today I was out racing a 2002 Polaris XC 600 SP.
For about 15 min my Top RPM was running around 8360. At this RPM I was out pulling the 600 XC. At the 1000 foot mark I was still ahead by about 2 sled lengths.
For some reason my RPM dropped back between 7880 and 7900 and I got blown away by the Polaris. I put on another 20 miles after we were done racing and my RPM has still not come back up to were it should be.
Does anyone no what would be causing this.
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Originally posted by f-5snopro@Dec 7 2002, 06:24 PM
mine is consistantly at 8320 -8400 never lower. and thats with a 53-51 helix not the stock 51
hehehe your giving away one of dans secrets :eek:
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