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Rough Rider trailer - Need help

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I have a 2000 Rough Rider snowmobile trailer with the clam shell and drive on/off capability. When I got the trailer it was missing some hardware for lifting the cover. The center mounted arms with gas shocks were all missing. It's hard to say what is exactly missing because the only thing left behind is a large bolt on both sides, brackets on the deck and another smaller bracket welded to the bottom edge of the shell on both sides. Anyone out there that has a trailer like this that could send me pictures of what they have on their trailer that might give me an idea of what I'm missing? The pictures will show yellow circles of the brackets in question. One of the pictures shows a gas shock, but it was broke and I honestly don't think it was mounted in the correct spot. Please let me know if you need measurements or more detailed pictures to help figure this out. Thanks.

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I'm guessing the brackets were removed for the 48 inch wide sleds.
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