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Rob, the new Mr. Cat

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Rob, what you have started is great. I just browsed the ZR/ZL forum, and they are moving forward like us F-Cat guys. You have started a Cat Mecca! This is a powerful tool, and I'm sure Cat looks at your site more then you think, and it is only Dec. I thinK I said before, that no other brand has such a following as Cat and you are bringing them together. What do you guys think? Hell ya! for Rob and CAT!
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I'll second that- Kudo's to Rob and Cat. Great stuff, both of you! :rolleyes:
who knows maybe rob will add a Rev forum....... so us fcatters can go bash them :)
:wub: This site gets better by the day and it's all of us that make it this way. Thanks agian Rob for all your hard work!
:unsure: ummm,surry,me spellin iz pur izint it?
Great site Rob, and to top it off your a mileage masher. I have to work my ass off to get my 4000 to 5000 miles a year trailering to ON or QC as I live 40 mi sw of Chicago, it must be great ride out from your back door :D , and your photos are sparking my interest in riding in your part of the country B) .
:lol: He is more powerful than santa...


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yes, you do have the power
i also live` about 30 miles southwest of chicago
what town are you in?
Originally posted by czy42strokes@Dec 21 2002, 11:36 AM
:lol: He is more powerful than santa...
hmmm, he does wear red
Thanks Rob. Ienjoy this original and EXTREMELY informative site. I gotta tell you,that this site helps me deal with having no snow! THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU!
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