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Rob and others, feedback

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I am wondering if anyone can give comparison information between the two models. I have owned Cats in the past, but am currently on an 01 Edge. I am considering a Firecat for next year and have been following the information on this site(which is excellent). I am interested in handling, stability, ride quality, wind protection, rider comfort, deep snow performance and anything else you can think of.

Thanks for any feedback! :)
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Don't forget that their are TWO models of Firecats currently available -- the sno-pro and the standard. Rob's statements about the ride quality are referring to his sno-pro, which I'm quite sure is set up stiffer than the standard. I've got the standard F7, and so far, in my way-to-short 40 miles, the ride seemed VERY good. As least as good, and probably better, than my '02 XC800 with the coupler blocks removed. And THAT sled (WITH the blocks removed!) rode as good as my bud's '02 XC700 M-10... true story!!! Oh, and I think Rob is right on with his statement, "This sled IS the fun factor!" Now... THINK SNOW!!!!!!!-- Roy
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