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Yeah the V Rod when this rain stops!!!!!Looks like were heading out west some time soon.Probably Jackson Hole,already did the Montana thing.
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How you like this one Ross?
Hers one for you Tyler.
Try this again!!!! Geuss no luck with that one, i'll bring her by Otis if it ever freezes!!!!
Chris....NICE. Where can I get me one??
Do I have to buy a bike?[/b]
Just cruise around on your moped!!!! Chicks dig mopeds!!!
Sorry Ty it won't let it up load.
Chris do I know that girl??
She's from Ludlow but she's a transplant from Lebanon, i work on her boyfriends bike.Lets just say i don't charge him much. :beerchug:
Nowa, you shouldn't be looking at that, but hell bring her to the Fish
To the Fish!!! Brian you gonna make the Canada trip next week?? If not Give Chris your ID!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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